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Springs & Oases - Old Spanish Trail

Bitter Springs

Sheldon Stoddard
At Bitter Springs Lyman, Rich, Hopkins, Rollins and Captain Hunt started on ahead of the company on horseback, Stoddard accompanying them with a mule ...

Some Gang Members Elude Capture
Al Williams was the brother of Thomas Williams, the merchant killed by Indians and buried at Bitter Springs the year prior. It is somewhat ironic that Al Williams ...

A History of Zzyzx: 1860 - 1870 Army Outpost
The redoubt erected at Soda Springs is about the same size as that erected at Bitter Spring: it is called Hancock's Redoubt. (Named in honor of Army Quarter ...

Alvord Mine
This company owned the water rights for Paradise Springs, 9 miles north of the ... Wagon trail winds north and east from Alvord Summit toward Bitter Spring on ...

Bitter Springs
The Evolution of Bitter Springs - Fort Irwin Historical Review By Neil C. Morrison Museum Director NTC & 11TH ACR Museum ...

First Visitors to Bitter Springs
Father Francisco Garces. The first recorded contact with the local Native Americans was through Father Francisco Garces, ...

History in the Mojave Preserve
In 1860, two whites were murdered at Bitter Springs, on the Mormon wagon road, and the attacks were blamed on the "Pah-Utes," though contemporaries and ...

Man Dies at Lane's of Arrow Wounds
"Mr. Williams," the Los Angeles Star reported, "was buried at Bitter Springs, and Mr. Jackman was brought to Lane's ranch on the Mojave, where he receives ...

Mojave Desert Geomorphic Province
Goldstone Fault Blackwater Fault Bitter Springs Fault - Bicycle Lake Fault Gravel Hills - Harper Fault Zone Harper Lake Fault Lockhart and North Lockhart Faults

Vanyume Indians
First Inhabitants of Bitter Springs They were referred to by European travelers as Beneme, Vanyume, Paiute (Pah-Utah, Pai-Ute, Piute) and Serrano. They lived ...

The Story of Bitter Springs

More about Bitter Springs

Paiute Campaign

Fort Irwin

Piute Campaign

Fort Irwin

Mojave Valley - Granite Mountains

Bitter Springs, located along the Old Spanish Trail, is another historically significant location. Like Red Pass, it played an essential role in the journey of those who traveled this extensive network of routes.

The Old Spanish Trail, which connected Santa Fe, New Mexico, with Los Angeles, California, was characterized by its harsh and challenging terrain, requiring travelers to have an intimate knowledge of the land and its resources. Bitter Springs was one of the critical water sources along the trail, particularly in the arid and rugged Mojave Desert.

Watering spots like Bitter Springs were vital for the survival of both people and animals making the long trek across the desert. These springs provided much-needed respite and were often the difference between life and death on the trail. However, as the name suggests, the water at Bitter Springs wasn't always pleasant to taste, likely due to its high mineral content, but it was nonetheless a crucial resource.

The Old Spanish Trail saw various users over the years, including traders, settlers, and Native Americans. The route facilitated significant trade and cultural exchange between the Southwest and California. The trail was especially known for the mule caravans that carried woolen goods from New Mexico to California.

Today, the Old Spanish Trail, including sites like Bitter Springs, is commemorated for its historical importance. These locations offer a glimpse into the past, illustrating the challenges faced by early travelers in the American West. They serve as a reminder of the resilience and adaptability required to traverse such a demanding landscape.

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