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Lakes: San Bernardino National Forest

Crestline, Ca.

Lake Gregory

Photos 1998

Lake Gregory Regional Park is is a reservoir tucked away in the cool cedar and pine forests of the San Bernardino Mountains located adjacent to Crestline, CA. In the summer, Lake Gregory offers a cool respite from the hot weather with its 84 acres of surface area for swimming and water sports.

Originally known as Houston Flat, the area was developed and named for Redlands citrus grower Arthur Gregory, Sr. Gregory bought and developed land now known as Valley of the Moon. At Valley of the Moon, he built a sawmill for cutting wood for his Orange Blossom brand citrus fruit. Furthermore, Gregory was instrumental in establishing the Crest Forest County Water District (CFCWD), which enabled the area to gain federal funding. Despite the lake being located in Crestline proper, Crestline is not part of the Crest Forest District. Instead, Crestline is part of the Crestline Water District, which purchases water from the Crest Forest District.

In 1937, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) funded the damming of Houston Creek, whose waters flowed into tributaries of the Mojave River and subsequently was "going to waste." By March 1938, the project was nearly complete, but federal funds had run out. Gregory financed the project by lending money to the district. The project ultimately cost $225,000, of which $160,000 was provided by the federal government and the remainder by the water district.

Heavy rains first tested the dam in March 1938. It had been estimated that filling the lake would take three years. So heavy were the rains that the lake was filled in only three days. It is unconfirmed but plausible that construction equipment left on the lake bed during the 1938 rains remains there today.

The project was completed in January 1939 with the completion of a road over the dam (currently Lake Drive).

Living in Crestline, California, offers a unique lifestyle characterized by its scenic beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and close-knit community atmosphere. Crestline is located in the San Bernardino Mountains, making it an ideal place for those who love nature and outdoor activities. Here's a brief overview of what it's like to live in Crestline:

Natural Beauty and Climate

Crestline is known for its stunning natural surroundings, including Lake Gregory, which is a central hub for fishing, boating, and swimming during the warmer months. The area boasts a mountain climate, with cooler temperatures than the lowland areas, especially during the summer, which makes it a popular escape from the heat. Winters can bring snow, turning the town into a picturesque winter wonderland.

Outdoor Recreation

The area is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, mountain biking, and camping are popular activities, with numerous trails and natural areas to explore. The winter season offers opportunities for snow sports like sledding, snowboarding, and skiing at nearby resorts.

Community and Lifestyle

Crestline has a small-town feel with a close-knit community. The town hosts various events throughout the year, fostering a sense of togetherness among residents. Local businesses and shops provide necessities and unique items, contributing to the town's charm.

Housing and Cost of Living

Housing in Crestline varies from quaint cabins to larger homes, many with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and forests. The cost of living in Crestline is generally lower than in the major cities of California, but this can vary based on the exact location within Crestline and the type of property. Accessibility

Crestline is relatively accessible, being about an hour's drive from cities like San Bernardino and Riverside. This makes it possible for residents to commute to the larger cities for work or entertainment while living in a more tranquil mountain setting.

Schools and Education

Families in Crestline have access to several public schools within the Rim of the World Unified School District. The schools serve the community's educational needs from kindergarten through high school.


Living in Crestline offers a blend of outdoor adventure, community spirit, and a slower pace of life compared to urban areas. It's an attractive place for those looking to be close to nature while still having access to the conveniences of modern living. However, like any community, it's important to visit and possibly spend some time in the area to truly understand if it's the right fit for your lifestyle.
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