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Geography - North Mojave Desert

Panamint Valley

The Panamint Valley is a north-south, 65 mile long and 10 mile wide basin formed between the Argus and Slate ranges along the west, and the Panamint Range on the eastern side.


    The town took its name from Dr. Darwin French who explored the area in 1860 ...

    Darwin Falls

    The year-round falls provide a water source for plants and wildlife.

    Ballarat Ghost Town

    From 1897 to 1917 Ballarat served as a supply and recreation center for ...

      Ballarat Cemetery

      The grave of 'Seldom Seen Slim' is the most prominent with several ...

      Post Office Spring

      From early on, bandits, outlaws and rustlers came to the Panamint Mountains to hideout from ...

    Panamint Dunes

    Padre Crowley Point

    This scenic point provides panoramic views of the northern end of the Panamint valley in Death Valley ...
Also see:

    Death Valley National Park

    Attractions and points of interest in the Death Valley portion of the valley

    Highway 190

    Points of interest along the Death Valley Scenic Byway from Olancha to Death Valley Junction

    Darwin Falls

    Named after Dr. Darwin French who explored the area in search of the Lost Gunsight Mine. Although named ...

    Coso Range

    From high points within the wilderness, most notably Joshua Flat, one can obtain outstanding views of ...


    Panamint City

    A history of mining in Panamint City

    Lost Gunsight

    The Lost Gunsight Mine became a legend at a very early stage and its location probably would have been cruelly disappointing ...

    Lookout Mountain

    Two years after the discovery of Panamint, on April 22, 1875, rich silver-lead deposits were discovered on ...


    ... in late October or November, 1874, supposedly by a wandering prospector trying to find a lost mule. ...


    Charles Anthony and John Lampier located the Panamint Valley Mine on July 27, 1893. This mine, also known as the ...

    Mojave Desert

      Panamint Valley

      This subsection is the alluvial plain of Panamint Valley, between the Argus and Panamint Ranges. ...

      Searles Valley - Owlshead Mountains

      ... southern ends of the Argus and Panamint Ranges, Searles Valley, Long Valley, and the southern end of Panamint Valley. ...

    Southeastern Great Basin

      Coso - Argus Ranges

      This subsection is between the Owens Valley and Panamint Valley. It includes ...

      Panamint Range

      This subsection comprises the Panamint Mountains, which are between Panamint Valley and Death Valley. It has ...

      Saline Valley - Cottonwood Mountains

      This subsection is between the Inyo Mountains and Death Valley. It includes the Last Chance Range, Saline Range, Cottonwood ...

Looking north into Panamint Valley

Panamint dry lake in extremely wet conditions

Looking south into Panamint Valley


The last Pluvial Highstand (Late Wisconsin, Tioga Age) in Panamint Valley, Southeast California

Late Cenozoic geology and lacustrine history of Searles Valley, Inyo and San Bernardino Counties, California

Age and Elevations of High-Level OIS2 Pluvial Lake Manly Shorelines, Northern and Central Death Valley: Implications for Lacustrine Sequence Stratigraphy in Southern Death Valley and the OIS6 Pluvial Lake Level

Late Pleistocene Slip Rates Along the Panamint Valley Fault Zone, Eastern California

Cosmogenic Chlorine-36 Dating of Shoreline Deposits in Panamint Valley, CA

Evidence for Quaternary Slip on a Low Angle Normal Fault: Searles Valley, CA

Estimate of Plio-Pleistocene Dip-Slip Rates Using Offset Flood Basalts in the Northern Panamint Range and Darwin Plateau, California

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