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Freeways & Highways

Interstate 15

San Diego - Salt Lake City

Cajon Junction looking south

Modern Transportation: In the 20th century, the pass evolved as a transportation hub. The development of modern highways, including U.S. Route 66 and later Interstate 15, made the pass a vital link in the national highway system. It also became a major corridor for freight transportation.

Between Victorville and Barstow

Interstate 15 Freeway across the Mojave Desert

Interstate 15 (I-15) is a major interstate highway in the United States that spans from San Diego, California, in the southwestern part of the country to Sweetgrass, Montana, near the Canadian border in the northern part of the country. It crosses several states and diverse landscapes, including the Mojave Desert in California.

The portion of I-15 that crosses the Mojave Desert is located in Southern California. This stretch of the highway passes through the desert region, which is known for its arid climate, vast expanses of sand and rock, and unique desert flora and fauna. Some key points along this part of I-15 include Barstow, Baker, and the California-Nevada state line.

Baker, California, is notable for being home to the world's largest thermometer, which stands as a landmark along I-15. The Mojave Desert region also features several rest stops and services for travelers making their way through this remote and arid landscape.

I-15 is an important transportation corridor that connects Southern California to the rest of the western United States. Travelers on this route can experience the stark beauty of the Mojave Desert while making their way to various destinations, including Las Vegas, Nevada, which is a popular destination along this highway.

Looking at I15 westbound from Basin Rd. between Baker & Barstow
Looking westbound from Basin Rd. between Baker & Barstow

Sidewinder Road

Geographic areas, communities, points of interest and natural features:


Cajon Pass

The San Andreas fault, where the North American and Pacific continental plates meet and grind together, a mountain range was ...

Victor Valley

Victor Valley communities, feature photo tours ...

Mojave River

The Mojave River could be called a broken river because ...


Photo tours and local area features and attractions ...

Afton Canyon

Afton Canyon was carved by water draining from ancient Manix Lake, very likely through a crack caused by a strong earthquake along the ...


Near the mouth of the Mojave River, where the intermittant waters seep into Soda Lake, a mineral spring wells up near a basalt outcropping. ...

Soda Lake

Soda Lake lies at the terminus of the Mojave River. In wet years, the playa may contain standing water and flooding has occurred near the ...


The community founded in 1908 and was named after R.C. Baker, Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad president. Baker was ...

Mojave Preserve

The Preserve is a vast expanse of desert lands that represents a combination of Great Basin, Sonoran, and Mojave desert ecosystems. This ...


Las Vegas

Red Rock NCA

Muddy River

Valley of Fire


Virgin River


St. George

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