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Communities - Amargosa Desert

Shoshone, California

Shoshone California

In a shady grove of mesquite known as Metbury spring, the town of Shoshone was founded in 1910 by Ralph Jacobus "Dad" Fairbanks, a Death Valley prospector, freighter and entrepenuer interested in establishing businesses along the station stop of the Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad.

"Dad" Fairbanks (left), Charles Brown (right)

Charles "Charlie" Brown, one time sheriff of Greenwater, married Stella Fairbanks in 1910 and became Dad Fairbanks' son-in-law. In 1920 Charlie and Stella, after moving around quite a bit, returned to Shoshone and bought into a partnership with Dad on the town.

The little town developed and expanded. Dad saw potential in Baker and moved on in 1927. Charlie became a California state senator and in 1938, town management was turned over to Charlie's son, Charles. Through the years and following successions the little town remains in family hands.

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Dublin Gulch

Shoshone Cemetery

Shoshone Land - Land of Little Rain, by Mary Austin

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