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Geography - West Mojave Desert

Barstow Area

Barstow lies in the intersection of the three largest ecosubsections in the Mojave Desert; High Desert Plains & Hills (322Ag), Mojave Valley - Granite Mountains (322Ah) and Lucerne - Johnson Valleys and Hills (322An). The topology is generally the same with mountains, hills and plains in gradually differing combinations throughout all three districts. There is 322An (Lucerne) with steep hills but more pediments and plains, 322Ag (High Desert) to the west having mostly alluvial plains. 322Ah reaches into the deep heart of the Mojave and includes small mountain ranges as well as an even distribution of hills and alluvial plains.

The flora and fauna seem the same with populations varying acccording to favorable conditions. Whiptails in the shade, zebra-tails in the hot, sunny areas, etc. The Mojave fringe-toed lizard does not seem to have edged itself away from classic sand dunes to the east.

The geology of the Barstow region is spectacular and worthy of its world fame.

The climate in all three ecosubsections is similar with the exceptions of the south and west slightly milder than the area northeast toward Death Valley.

Afton Canyon

California's 'Grand Canyon'

Barstow, California

Bonnie Keebler-Harris Grave

A note was found in an amber bottle on the grave that stated, ...

Casa del Desierto

In 1911 Fred Harvey of the Harvey House system opened up the Casa Del Desierto. ...

Calico Ghost Town

Fun and popular old west ghost town attraction. Gun fights, train rides, old silver mines

Calico Cemetery

Some of 'em plugged, all of 'em planted. Old west graveyard.

Coyote Dry Lake

Popular dry lake film location. Seen in countless movies, videos and commercials


Renamed to Daggett from Calico Junction - Pioneer cemetary and historic tour

Harper Lake

Natural area, big, quiet and beautiful

Owl Canyon Campground

Campground near Rainbow Basin with beautiful rock formations of its own

Pisgah Lava Crater*

Lava crater near Hector Mine created by volcanic eruption

Pisgah Lava Tube*

Underground in a lava field.

Rainbow Basin

National Natural Landmark - Powerful colors abound in this geologic wonder

Route 66 Barstow to Amboy*

Rags on radiator caps and eat and get gas along the historic Route 66 from Barstow to Amboy

Slash X Ranch Cafe

The "Cattle Baron" Lee Berry and his ranch hands had no place to drink and carouse for over 10 years after his empire was on its way -- Then they built the Slash X Cafe.

Silver Bell Mine*

Mine and camp hidden off in a canyon.

Stoddard Wells Road to Victorville

The old 'shortcut' between Barstow and Victorville

Superior Dry Lake (East)

Photo tour of eastern-most lake in chain of dry lakes across the Superior Valley north of Barstow

Superior Dry Lake (Central)

Photo tour of center dry lake in chain across the Superior Valley north of Barstow


Black Canyon

Lake Dolores Ruins


Exploring the Enchanting Charm of Barstow

Calico Cemetery

Superior Lake (central)

Daggett, Ca.

Silver Bell Mine

Owl Canyon

Calico Ghost Town

Afton Canyon

Coyote Lake

Slash X

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