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Desert Communities & Counties

Inyo County

Mojave Desert Counties map highlighting Inyon County

The adventure capital of the world! Inyo County is a land of magnificent natural diversity. Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the lower 48 states. Death Valley is the lowest point in the U.S., and the Great Basin bristlecone pines are the oldest life forms in the world. Beyond this, experts agree that Inyo County has excellent trout fishing, hiking in the Sierra, and magnificent vistas. In addition Inyo County offers the best alpine climbing, spring backcountry skiing, hang gliding, horsepacking and mountain biking in the world!

The County offers a full spectrum of adventure and involvement from the absolute stillness and peace of the desert, through the meadows blanketed with wildflowers, over the rushing mountain streams of the forest, to the wind whipped granite peaks. There is nowhere one can turn without seeing Natures striking beauty. One can experience this unforgettable grandeur from the comfort of one's car, on foot or on horseback.

The granite peaks of the High Sierra have been sculpted by glaciers, wind and weather into some of Natures most glorious works of art. The John Muir Wilderness has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. Our county is dotted with historic towns providing professional services and the equipment one will need for ones excursions, whether itís backpacking, fishing, horsepacking, skiing, climbing, biking, photography, or just sightseeing.

source - Inyo County

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Parks & Public Lands

Argus Range
Coso Range
Darwin Falls
Funeral Mountains
Inyo Mountains
Malpais Mesa
Manly Peak
Nopah Range
Owens Peak*
Pahrump Valley*
Piper Mountain
Resting Springs Range
Sacatar Trail*
South Nopah Range
Surprise Canyon
Sylvania Mountains

* Wilderness boundaries lie in more than one county

Mining History
Inyo's recorded mineral production has been more than $150,000,000 worth of silver, lead, zinc, copper, gold, tungsten, talc, borax and ...

Cities, Towns & Other Communities
- Independence (County Seat)
- Bishop (Incorporated Area)

- Aberdeen
- Alabama Hills
- Big Pine
- Cartago
- Chalfant
- Chalfant Valley
- Darwin
- Death Valley
- Death Valley Junction
- Dolomite
- Furnace Creek
- Hammil Valley
- Keeler
- Laws
- Little Lake
- Lone Pine
- Olancha
- Panamint Springs
- Round Valley
- Rovana
- Shoshone
- Stove Pipe Wells
- Swall Meadows
- Swansea
- Tecopa
- Tecopa Hot Springs

Intro:: Nature:: Map:: Points of Interest:: Roads & Trails:: People & History:: Ghosts & Gold:: Communities:: BLOG:: Weather:: :?:: glossary
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